Comic 67 - Page 21: Our Fourth Wall Needs Repairs

23rd Sep 2010, 5:00 PM in Chapter 3
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Page 21: Our Fourth Wall Needs Repairs
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Maiden Gaia 23rd Sep 2010, 5:00 PM edit delete
Maiden Gaia
I have no honest clue as to why I'm updating right now. My plan is to finish what's left of the chapter and update it when it's finished.

Basically, I'm starting a new update schedule: One entire chapter uploaded either one the first or last day of the month or... something. Either way, one whole chapter once a month. It should be fairly easy. I've drawn up 24 pages in the past... Well, technically two weeks or so, but I ended up not working on it at all for a good 5 days in a row somewhere in there... And inking is fairly quick. Coloring is what takes the most time, but I'm gonna stop coloring the backgrounds with marker and go back to colored pencil. I've been meaning to do that since it's killing the marker I've been using for that... Random blue wall background. xD

So for those of you too lazy to read all that:
1. New update schedule. One chapter uploaded at once every month.
2. After the next page, backgrounds will be colored with pencil to save time and marker life expectancy.

The rest of the month before/after updates will be filled with random mini-comics and pictures. Whatever I feel like doing, really.