Comic 21 - Page 20: Oh Noes! The Hat!

25th Apr 2010, 9:30 AM in Chapter 1
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Page 20: Oh Noes! The Hat!
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Maiden Gaia 25th Apr 2010, 9:30 AM edit delete
Maiden Gaia
This page was easy :3 Yay for only two panels! And yay for nearing the end of chapter 1! I think it should be on Chapter 2 by next week... And yeah, Berri dragging Ayako by the hair (antenna... thingy) is not a one-time thing... And I think Ayako's getting used to it...


BlackMageBrad 14th May 2010, 2:06 PM edit delete reply
I still don't understand the anime antenna... From Edward Elric to now, I still have no %#$%ing idea what it IS!