Comic 19 - Page 18: Involuntary Friendship?

19th Apr 2010, 2:56 PM in Chapter 1
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Page 18: Involuntary Friendship?
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Maiden Gaia 19th Apr 2010, 2:56 PM edit delete
Maiden Gaia
Sorry about the late update. School, people stuff, etc. etc. But anyway, I actually managed to get this page done x3

I hate drawing hair, but on the upside I'm getting used to drawing Kyuuke's hair. Actually... He still hasn't appeared in the rough draft of this comic... And that's about eleven chapters in... My minor characters are unappreciated... Ah well, moving on. So I think we're nearing the end of chapter one. Yay~ The story's actually starting to be getting somewhere. And on a side note, I am NOT fond of love triangles at all. Especially since I decided to go see New Moon with my mom and aunt, though I mainly wanted to see giants wolfies and eat popcorn... The giant wolfies and popcorn didn't make up for the horrible amounts of angst in that series- oh, wait, I'm going off topic... But yeah, so I'll avoid non-comedy love triangles/dodecahedrons as much as possible. Because too much drama bugs me...