by Maiden Gaia

Possible Sudden Hiatus: Laptop Charger Dying

So, my laptop charger is about to go kaput and I'll be needing a new one. Unfortunately, this possibly means there may not be any pages for a bit. HOPEFULLY, it should only take a couple of days to get a new charger, if even that long, but heads up just in case.

by Maiden Gaia


So yes, I've had a Tumblr blog for a while now. Here's the link.

Annnnd I shall now continue working on the page that SHOULD be up today. I mainly just have to color it now. It's just that the coloring is being a pain.

by Maiden Gaia

So We're Sorta Back

As I mentioned with the recent filler update, we SHOULD have been back to normal shedule today but unfortunately I'm lacking the proper supplies. Mainly paper and motivation as long story short, there was kind of a silly mix-up yesterday... It involved a dumb phone. Moving on~ I'll be updating on Wednesday to make up for it.

by Maiden Gaia

More Updates!

So, almost all of my black pens are dead. Hopefully I can buy some more tomorrow. If not, there might not be an update on Monday.

In other news, prototype buttons!

Inked with the last of my semi-alive black pens and colored in GIMP (where I made use of the gradient and spark effects as you can see), this is the "prototype" Ayako button design. As in, I can't use Paint Tool SAI to make the lineart nicer for it, so for now I'll just make a temporary version to see how it looks.

And here's how it looks, complete with my camera somehow interpreting my fully-lit living room as a dimly lit cave or something.







Note to self, find a better camera than my camcorder which has VIDEO as it's main purpose.

by Maiden Gaia

Coming Soon!

That's also a Jasmine keychain next to it. Yes, I'm a Bittersweet Candy Bowl fan.

And here we have a sketched test pin of Ryu from Maiden Doll. Currently still experiencing problems with my laptop though, so I don't know when I'll be able to make actualy designs.