by Maiden Gaia

Revamps and Such

A few bits of news. Hopefully today I'll be able to set up a donation button which would be nice because, let's face it. Money. People needz it. So it'd be nice to get a bit of an income for this comic if anyone's willing to donate. Also, I'm planning on doing a bit of advertising around my neighborhood to try and get a popularity boost.

In other news, I'm going to start revamping the first few chapters since... Well, really, they're not the greatest chapters in the world. I'll likely keep the original first few chapters available for reading, maybe, I haven't decided yet. But yes, revamped first few chapters. 

And... That's all the news for today. Hey, I just realized, I'm actually finding use for the blog lately! :D Which brings me up to one last point actually that I admit I only decided on now but had thought about before, I'll be making the blog the front page on here now and try to update it as often as possible.

by Maiden Gaia

New Wallpapers, And A Shimeji!

Added to the wallpapers are chibi Kasumi and Mesha. Interestingly enough, I'm pretty sure Kasumi views tacos and souls on the same level. While that could be a huge compliment to tacos, with her being a demon and all I think it's a bad thing for the souls.

The heart... things in her wallpaper are actually a reference to long ago when I first created her. She had a thing similar to that which followed her around. ...Even back then I had no explanation for it. It was just cute.

In other news, but still related, yes, I've added a Shimeji to the downloadable goodies. What exactly is a Shimeji? It's kind of like a little Japanese desktop buddy for the most part. For now we just have Mimi who, as I mentioned on the download page, I'll probably remake at some point because she turned out quite a bit glitchy. Still, I'd say she turned out pretty good for the first one I've ever completed. There will be more coming soon though I'm not sure who I'm going to add next.

by Maiden Gaia


Okay, so it seems I probably won't have to go on hiatus to catch up on pages, yay! In other news though, which is the main point of this entry, Fiyora Nya now has wallpapers and... well, only wallpapers so far, but there eventually be other stuff available under the new Goodies page.

Currently only one wallpaper is available (Chibi Ayako) but it's available in multiple sizes and I'll be adding more wallpapers soon.

by Maiden Gaia

Possible Short Hiatus and Various Updates

So, I THINK I'm going on a very short hiatus, mainly to focus on getting past the page I'm working on, and building up page buffer. Said hiatus will probably only be a week or two long, may even end before Friday in time for the next update. Basically, my new inking markers seem to have killed my motivation to color the pages. I'll probably go back to pens after the page I'm working on.

Also, I'm considering setting up a PayPal donation button, which would probably be more effective if FN had a larger fanbase, which would probably be larger if I did consistent updates instead of letting stupid markers that looked nice at first suddenly look horrible and ruin my motivation. Just on that one page. But I can't do any updates until I FINISH said page.

So, I'm attempting to have the page finished for the Friday update to FINALLY get back on track with updates. Basically my plan is, I'll upload the page on Friday, then see whether or not I need to continue a short break. Hopefully I don't, I plan on going to the library today to work on more pages. So yeah.

...That's really all. So, yeah, see you guys with a new page on Friday.

by Maiden Gaia

Temporary Hiatus!

I probably should have posted this sooner for those of you that don't keep up with my DeviantArt account, by my laptop charer port thingy is busted. I dunno what to call it, the spot where you plug the charger into. So yeah, that was about a week ago and we recieved news it'd take about three weeks to fix, so yeah, two weeks left. It's a shame, I come up with a random filler series only to be unable to even make comics of that. XD Oh well... See you guys in maybe two weeks.