by Maiden Gaia

Temporary Hiatus!

I probably should have posted this sooner for those of you that don't keep up with my DeviantArt account, by my laptop charer port thingy is busted. I dunno what to call it, the spot where you plug the charger into. So yeah, that was about a week ago and we recieved news it'd take about three weeks to fix, so yeah, two weeks left. It's a shame, I come up with a random filler series only to be unable to even make comics of that. XD Oh well... See you guys in maybe two weeks.

by Maiden Gaia


Hey Fiyora Nya fans, guess what? You can now vote for Fiyora Nya here:

...So... Vote! Vote I say!

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I dunno if anyone's going to read this, but yeah, I figured it's important to point out I might not make the planned update schedule for this chapter, thanks to lots of stuff, mainly school and the fact that I only really managed to figure out how to end the chapter a couple days ago. So if I don't manage to finish the chapter by November 30th... I dunno. It doesn't help that I have two other stories in reserve I'd really like to work on. Though chapter 4 IS only about 30 pages, and I can finish a few pages a day if I really focus, so there's still hope. And even if I don't finish it, I promised you guys an update on Nov. 30th, so I'll upload what I have finished then and try to get the rest of the chapter done as soon as possible.

by Maiden Gaia

It's A Blog!

First one in... Um... Quite a while. ...ANYWAY.

Hi. I'm pointing out stuff. Of stuffness. And that's it. And now there's no importance to this blog because I don't know. ...I'm not making any sense, even to me. Wow. That's how you know it made no sense.

Anyway, I dunno if anyone's paying attention to these blogs on the rare occasions that i post them, but yeah.  And then stuff happened! ...But no, seriously, I should figure out something to talk about.

Okay, well, I already posted this info on the latest page but I might as well post it here where it's slightly more noticeable. I think.

Fiyora Nya is getting a new update schedule. One chapter posted all at once one day a month. I dunno when that day's gonna be yet, but yeah. So the rest of the month will be filled with random pictures and mini-comics uploaded whenever I feel like it.

...And this blog still has no other point, so I will end it here before I start seriously rambling.

by Maiden Gaia

Woo! Update!! Or something.

Dunno if anybody will bother to read this, but whatever. The POINT is, I have decided to give up drawing Fiyora Nya on the computer. It takes me a couple hours to finish a single panel on the computer, while when I draw it by hand, I can finish an entire page's outlines in about an hour, give or take. So Fiyora Nya is going traditional art style baby! >:D WOO!!! xD Now hopefully I can get some pages done faster. Yay!