by MeeowNekoma

Woo! Update!! Or something.

Dunno if anybody will bother to read this, but whatever. The POINT is, I have decided to give up drawing Fiyora Nya on the computer. It takes me a couple hours to finish a single panel on the computer, while when I draw it by hand, I can finish an entire page's outlines in about an hour, give or take. So Fiyora Nya is going traditional art style baby! >:D WOO!!! xD Now hopefully I can get some pages done faster. Yay!

by MeeowNekoma

A Quick Update

Okay, I'm back on Fiyora Nya I think. Updates might be a little slow, but I'll try to keep on schedule. Anyway, I'm also working on a couple other projects. You can find out about stuff like that at my DeviantArt account:

You can also check out my YouTube channel:

Though I don't really post videos as much, I'm still on there quite a bit. So yeah...


But long story short, other side projects I'm working on:

Fiyora Gaiden (A series of Fiyora Nya alternate universe stories) stories: Phantom, Demon Doll

Fiyoramon - A parody of Pokemon made with RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials (I guess it's part of Fiyora Gaiden)


I put up more info on DeviantArt than on here, follow me there if you really want more updates on stuff (including whether or not I put up Fiyora Gaiden stories or anything...)

by MeeowNekoma


Nya~ Glad to be here, working on Fiyora Nya, which is kinda my pride and joy. x3 I've been working on the rough draft of the comic for a little less than maybe a year now. Before that I'd tried writing several books, all of which I gave up on somewhere between 2 and 7 chapters. And the chapters were short. So yeah. After a while I finally decided that Fiyora Nya needed to be a comic as I had always imagined it as that and nothing else, so I grabbed some paper and a pencil and started drawing. Now it's finally actually getting somewhere. Yay!

I hope to be updating every Friday or Saturday with several pages per update. It's basically a compromise between "Do I update whenever I finish a chapter or whenever I finish a a page?" Thus I update whenever I finish a scene. So yay~